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What I find silly about this generation is that every female/male pretend to be wise or have the capacity to have an interesting conversation via social media. Everything they do have to be done via social media or text and that is a shame.

But when it comes to real life you could see their real colors. For example; a woman meets a man at a bar (like usual), they enjoy a conversation and decide to exchange numbers. (The next step is that they are going to know each other) but the only problem here is that is going to be via TEXT.

And my point is, It seems like this generation is terrified of voices or eye contact. But when they are in the phase of getting to know each other, none of these “wise” individuals have the audacity to invite the ones they like to a date, a walk in a park or not even for a coffee.

How long can one complain about a lack of loyalty in others before they take a look at themselves?

Note to self:

Focus, stay focus.

Note to self

Focus, stay focus.


Taurus don’t think like other people do.

Tired of all this.